Being Chinese

Something terrible happened over a decade ago and every time I think about it I still get ANGRY. In fact, I was livid that day, feeling totally helpless, scared and didn’t know what to do.  It’s so hard not to take it personally because this hateful, vindictiveness shouldn’t have happened in the first place.  Aren’t we suppose to trust the police and the people with whom we leave our children with?  Well, this whole unforgiveable mistake still has me reeling and destroyed my faith in the legal system, the children shelter plus social services.  It was a day filled with fear, desperation and dread that should scare all of us Asians.  To me this was akin to kidnapping. 


About valerieleeworks

Author of The Jade Rubies and A Long Way to Death Row, from many years of candid interviews with Charles Chi-tat Ng
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