Vancouver Chinatown

I stared at these girls and knew who they were immediately.  They were nothing but troublesome and liked to pick on others.  Two of them had sisters and they always hung around together.  Just once I would like to catch the younger alone to see how she would respond if I reacted. Doubt she would be happy because I was really getting tired of hearing how she cornered my cousin in the bathroom and they all  started to beat up on her and called her FATSO.  This sort of bullying was ugly and I would never run from a fight.  I said to Ann, “Just avoid them.  They won’t do anything.  Not to worry.”  Ann’s grimaced and said, “Are you kidding?  Just once I would like to wipe that smirk off Joyce’s ugly face.”  I laughed.  “We don’t have much of a chance when there are so many of them. ” Suddeny Ellen showed up and said, “Hey Ann, you forgot your sweater.”  I smiled, because I really liked Ellen, Ann’s sister. She was always smiling and I knew she liked me.  She said to Ann as she put on her sweater, “What’s the matter?”  Look over there, Ellen.  See those girls?”  Ellen turned and said as she rolled up her sleeves.  “Are they the ones bothering you two? They need to have a lesson.”  I said, “Let’s pretend not to notice them.  Maybe they will just leave us alone.”  Ann said, “I doubt it.  Why do they hate me so much?” I patted her on the arm and said, “Who cares?  They’re just jealous.”  Ann’s eyes saddened, “No, it’s because I’m poor and wear old hand-me-downs.”  I laughed, “If that’s the reason, they’re dumber than I thought. It’s probably because the boys like you.”  Just then Ellen said, “they’re coming.”  I turned around and she was right and Joyce was right in front. 


About valerieleeworks

Author of The Jade Rubies and A Long Way to Death Row, from many years of candid interviews with Charles Chi-tat Ng
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