When I read a book, I want to be entertained, learn something or go on an adventure that I would enjoy.   I like to journey into other worlds and get a good look at how they live and what life experience they had.   When I was young I was first drawn to fairytales only because we had short reading periods at school and I wanted to finish a story.  Nothing bothered me more than getting to the best part of a book and run out of time.  One summer,  when I returned after a summer job waitressing at my Uncle’s restaurant in Penticton, my Dad said, “Wow, you sure write long letters. Maybe you should write a book.”  I laughed at his words and didn’t even think about it.  But it was only after I lost him that I started to write — I had to because I missed him so much and it was the only way I could deal with the grief.  I wrote about him, remembering his face, the way he spoke to me and how he could make me laugh.  It was a difficult period but it really was the best way to cope with never seeing him again.  Now I wonder what he would think of me going into a prison to see a convicted Chinese serial killer.  I know that he would have been worried about my safety but he also knew that I’m stubborn and not too many things can scare me.  He would probably feel as I did when I first read about Charles Ng being captured with Leonard Lake.  Yes, he would be upset seeing the negative, nasty publicity after the story broke out and Charles being called the Son from Hell,  A Killing Machine plus other vile names before he was even found guilty in a court of law.  Ng was just accused when I first went to interview him in Folsom Prison in 1994. Now my book, A Long Way to Death Row, from many years of candid interviews with Charles Chi-tat Ng is finished and what a long journey this has been for me.   


About valerieleeworks

Author of The Jade Rubies and A Long Way to Death Row, from many years of candid interviews with Charles Chi-tat Ng
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