When will all this nastiness in life stop?  Today bullying is still around and yet if you defend yourself, you can be in more trouble than the person hurting you in the first place.  What is wrong with society today? It’s backwards. I think we need to get our priorities straight.  We are taught when we are young to take care of ourselves, at least that’s what I was told growing up.  Not a bad lesson and something most children should learn.  But when confronted with someone who is picking on you, you shouldn’t stand and just take it, you need to do something about it.  Yes, you can tell a parent or teacher and sometimes the consequences from telling them makes it worst. Your tormentor is apt to get even so you need to face this problem and deal with it yourself.   You have to figure you’re going to get hit anyway, so at least try to protect yourself and if that means retaliating and fighting back by bringing yourself down to their level, do it!


About valerieleeworks

Author of The Jade Rubies and A Long Way to Death Row, from many years of candid interviews with Charles Chi-tat Ng
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