Unsuspected prey

Stepdaughter.  Who would have thought that Lai Lee would hate that word?  Her mother, a Chinatown waitress, married Chan Bun.  Lai Lee was not happy, didn’t trust him and was nervous because of the way he oogled her.  She didn’t like being alone with him either. One night when her mother was working the midnight shift, he returned drunk, pinned Lai Lee under him, covered her lips with his hand and raped her. When he was through, she was livid.  She screamed, hit him hard on his back and ran into the bathroom crying.  She had to get away from the filthy ham-up low who hurt her. She felt so dirty. She turned on the shower to wash herself clean.  Perhaps more lathered soap will help?  Will she ever feel clean again?   What was she going to do?  If she reports him to the authorities, it might be worse.  She did not like being a victim but she will get even.


About valerieleeworks

Author of The Jade Rubies and A Long Way to Death Row, from many years of candid interviews with Charles Chi-tat Ng
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